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Q: Where/when is your next show and what are the hours?
A: You can find our show schedule under the Upcoming Shows tab.

Q: What is the address?
A: Each show address is listed under the Upcoming Show tab.

Q: How do I become a vendor?
A: You will need to e-mail or message TC's Junk on    < Just click the icon here. You will need to include pictures and a description of what you sell. We are a juried show and we will fill up.

Q: How much does it cost to be a vendor and booth sizes?
A: Each show is different investment wise and we offer several different sizes of booths at each show.

Q: How many booths are there?
A: The smallest show we have is around 85 booths. That is 85 of the coolest, most awesomely talented vendors there are. Seriously, we do think they are the best and travel from all over MO, AR, OK, and KS. 

Q: How many in attendance?
A: I wish it was a set answer. Every show varies, but we tend to average 1800-2200 fantastic shoppers. Each show we just continue to grow. 

Q: Is there a place to stay? 
A: All show locations are different. There are places to stay. Our most rural show is in Iberia, MO and all local accommodations fill up fast. We usually recommend The Lake/Osage Beach area if you are looking for things to do and great restaurants.  If you are looking for a more budget friendly trip, we would suggest St. Robert/Waynesville area. 


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