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What to Expect when you come to our shows

The excitement for the show starts to build up long before the day is here. You see the dates, you mark your calendar, and you make plans with your best junkin' buddies. Driving to the small town of Iberia, MO will lead you down beautiful scenic roads. You know you are getting closer when banners start to appear along the roadside. You will top the hill on Main Street just before it turns to gravel, and you know it is just on the other hillside. When you first arrive, you will be greeted with a wave from our parking attendants. Once you get closer to The Barn you start to see tent tops that fill the grounds and aroma of great food fills the air. You will hear the sounds of music in the background, kettle korn popping, laughter and talks of where each shopper traveled from.  If you are one of the lucky first 30 shoppers on either day you will receive a goodie bag with coupons, discounts, and samples in it. It is always a special treat to see what vendors put in there. In years past, there have been candle tarts, hand scrubs, and the vendors are always generous with their coupons. As it is almost time for the doors to open the excitement grows. You will know the time is close when the t-shirts start to fly. A handful of eager kids and some helpers will throw out t-shirts to those that are waiting in line for the gates to open. This has been a fun tradition from our very first big show back in 2017. Once the gates open you have the hard decision to make of indoors or outdoors first. You can't make a wrong one, I promise. The indoor and outdoor booths are filled with vintage, antiques, farmhouse, boutiques, upcycled, rusty relics, artisans, and handmade items. You will of course, want to grab a fresh squeezed lemonade or hit the beer and margarita garden so you have something cool and refreshing to sip on while you shop. Your hands will end up full of goodies and don't worry we have that covered too. You will be able to take advantage of our holding and loading area that is free of charge to you to keep hold of all your treasures. Got something big? No worries! We have muscle men that will go get it and bring it to the holding and loading area until you are ready to be loaded and they will help with that too. Remember the aroma from the food trucks? Now, it the time to go over to the food area and enjoy a bite to eat and you won't be disappointed. From BBQ to street tacos there is a little bit for everyone. You will want to make one more round just to make sure you didn't miss anything before hitting the road again. You can make several rounds and still not see everything the vendors brought. Before you head out you have to grab some yummy kettle korn for the road and check your tickets for a door prize to see if you're a winner.  At any of our markets' there will be over $3,000 in door prize giveaways.  It is now time to hop on the tractor and head to your truck but don't forget to make plans and come back and join us again!

That is just in Iberia, MO. As you have learned we also put these shows on in Lebanon, Jefferson City, and West Plains, MO. We just don't break out the tractors at those show, all the other special elements of a TC's Junk Market are there. 

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